'Attorney Michelle Jorgensen has been providing the Fresno area with unparalleled legal services since 2003. Whether you need legal consultation or handling a court case, she will walk you through every step, taking care of any issues you may have along the way. With The Law Office of Michelle Jorgensen, rest assured you can feel comfortable, safe, and confident knowing that your case is in the best hands. Get in touch with us today — we look forward to hearing from you.'

Effective Advocacy In Or Out Of Court

In these complex and contentious disputes, our aim is to keep the proceedings as amicable and as simple as possible. If your case involves children, your chosen approach will affect your future relationship as co-parents, and a practical parenting agreement is almost always preferable to a judge's decision. In eviction cases, your decision to litigate a case in lieu of a fair and reasonable settlement may result in higher litigation costs with the same outcome offered in the settlement. This is fairly common in landlord tenant cases and the benefit of having an experienced Attorney is seriously recommended.

We Know California Law

Michelle Jorgensen is an experienced Attorney with nearly twenty years of experience to help clients define their goals and bring them to fruition. Michelle commonly represents high net worth individuals as well as parents involved in high conflict custody matters. She brings value to any case involving complex assets or unique legal challenges.

What You Can Expect

We will diligently yet expeditiously handle your case. While we cannot control the speed of the court's docket, we will work to move your case along as quickly as possible. We offer seasoned advice on the issues as they arise in your case. We will respect your wishes and aggressively yet compassionately work to advance your interests while maintaining high standards of legal, professional, and ethical integrity.

Personalized Representation

I will devote my attention to your case, without delay, prepare documents, filings and discovery tailored to your matter. We will keep you apprised of court dates and important deadlines in connection with your case, and will be in contact regarding documents.

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