Michelle Jorgensen graduated from California State University, Fresno with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, a Minor in English and a Certificate in Victimology in December of 1997.  At that time, she was eight months pregnant with her first daughter.  When Michelle entered San Joaquin College of Law the next Fall, it was her intention to become a Criminal Prosecutor.  During Law School she interned at the United States District Attorney's Office where she litigated Misdemeanor cases.  However, Michelle's focus changed to Family Law and Dispute Resolution while volunteering in Divorce Mediation and the Madera Family Law Facilitator's Office during her last year in law school.  After graduation, Michelle went on to pursue her career in Family Law, where she worked in Law Firms and as the Fresno Family Law Facilitator.  Ultimately she opened her solo law practice and branched out to Real Estate Law and Evictions.  In addition to handling real estate and eviction cases in her practice, Michelle Jorgensen has several rental properties of her own that give her personal knowledge of the reality of owning rental properties and the lengthy eviction process. 

Ms. Jorgensen is focused on dispute resolution whenever possible.  Her time spent at the Strauss Institute of Dispute Resolution workshop at Pepperdine University was an invaluable addition to her breadth of knowledge and passion about resolving disputes through mediation.  Child Custody, Child Support and Eviction are all stressful and emotional for the clients.  Having an Attorney with the ability and expertise to help you navigate those difficult decisions is critical. 

Unfortunately, every case is not resolved with a mutually agreeable resolution.  Ms. Jorgensen has nearly twenty years of experience in the courtroom where she has litigated child custody, property division, domestic violence, grandparents rights, evictions on behalf of landlords and tenants and juvenile dependency.  Every case is unique and their is no cookie cutter plan of action that is going to work for every client.  It is important to have an Attorney on your side that has the experience and knowledge to ensure that you are aggressively represented.  

When not at work, Ms. Jorgensen enjoys life by sailing, skiing, backpacking, scuba diving and tennis.

She also spends time with three daughters when they aren't too busy.  Her oldest daughter graduated from U.C. Irvine and she is starting medical school in 2022.  Her middle daughter is studying hard at UCLA and her youngest will be graduating from Clovis Unified in 2023.